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ECO Series of Bike Lockers

Take green to the next level with our new series of ECO Bike Lockers. These lockers are manufactured of high strength fiberglass composite materials using a NEW resin with 25% recycled plastic content; our “Eco” Lockers are manufactured exclusively by American Bicycle Security Company™.

We offer the widest product line in the industry. Our selection of locker styles is the most diverse with models to accommodate 1 or 2 bikes in the horizontal position in both rectangular and wedge shapes. You can also choose from our selection of vertical parking lockers. For those architects looking toward the future, we also have the SOLAR-SHELL™, the only patented bike locker that is a true solar powered charging station for electric bikes or scooters.

In addition to the entire standard bike parking, ABSCo also features the ability to produce bicycle and storage lockers in unique designs to compliment your project. We can incorporate features into the lockers such as molded in-seating, planters or inlaid designs in multi-color. We are always willing and able to work with you to fulfill your need!


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