New ECO Bike Lockers

Eco Series Bike Locker
new ECO products
Model 301 with Padlock Handle
Manufactured of high strength fiberglass composite materials
This locker includes optional features:
Non Standard Optional Color – Green,
Part No. 020 – Number Plates,
Part No. 050 – Door Hold/Check, and
Part No. 073 – 12”x12” Safety View Windows in perforated steel.
“ECO” Series Lockers

The “ECO” Lockers are manufactured exclusively by American Bicycle Security Co™ and provide those valuable points for your “LEEDS” projects. Our “ECO” Lockers are manufactured of high strength fiberglass composite materials using a NEW resin with 25% recycled plastic content and are available in all of our models, in both 300 Series and 350 Series. Our “ECO” Lockers are available in standard or custom colors and with all options.